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Jobst Arm Sleeve – light

Jobst Arm Sleeve – light


Jobst Arm Sleeve

How to measure

How to Take Length Measurements
Length measurements should be taken at each circumference. It is recommended that you mark the arm with a non-permanent, non-toxic marker at each circumference measurement made. The length measurement is then taken from point 'C' (wrist) along the inside of the arm to point 'G' (axilla).

Measurement Points
Circumference point 'C' is the point of greatest compression and therefore the most important point. This point is found distally on the arm where the wrist meets the hand. One should find the smallest circumference at this point.

Circumference point 'E' is found at the middle of the elbow.

Circumference point 'G' is taken around the upper arm at the axilla. For ease in determining this point, place a book up into the arm pit area. Point 'G' on the arm will be even with the top of the book.

Jobst Arm Sleeve
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The new Jobst Arm Sleet available in black and skin tone colors

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